Playout System:

We know that many of the challenges with playout boil down to one thing: You need to manage more channels with fewer people. Do more with less, even as channels proliferate and technologies continue evolving.

Grass Valley offers the richest portfolio of solutions in the playout business — solutions that can help you be more automated, efficient and productive, and adapt to new business opportunities as they arise. Our integrated solutions are designed with advanced flexibility to adapt to how channels are aired and distributed. Meanwhile, our traditional discrete playout solutions offer best-in-class components under manual or automation control with the lowest price per channel in the market.



With the Grass Valley iTX integrated playout platform, operators can easily manage the transmission of even the most complex channels, whether they carry pre-recorded content, live programming or a combination. The Vertigo XG platform supports rich graphics and branding, and Softel Swift solutions improve subtitling and captioning, a must as regulations in this area continually change. The iTX platform extends to control of upstream systems such as NVISION routers, and facilitates multichannel monitoring by enabling Kaleido multiviewers to perform  proactive channel monitoring.

For traditional playout, the K2 Summit 3G Transmission Client provides extensive support for a wide range of file types. It is cost-effective as both a stand-alone or scaled out system with a SAN, and has full support from all leading automation providers.


Additional solutions like GV STRATUS Playout — a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-site solid-state media storage — demonstrate our commitment to innovative, streamlined solutions that support new business models. As industry needs evolve, we will continue to lead the way, helping you deliver more content for more channels, across more platforms — all in less time, and at less cost.