Established in 1996 as part of Pharaon Holding SAL, Pharaon Broadcast provides TV Broadcasters and Production Houses with innovative and uninterrupted service through consolidated partnerships with global industry leaders.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of a wide range of superior products and cutting-edge solutions to guarantee client satisfaction while assuring close proximity to you through our far-reaching presence.

With more than 22 years of experience in the broadcast and media industry, our clients rely on our unrivaled expertise, professionalism, and leading edge to benefit from the market’s latest products and services. Through our strong ties with global manufacturers and suppliers of broadcast and media technology, we have ensured our industry-leading position, sustainability, and goodwill. Some of our partners include:

Grass Valley
Thomson Broadcast

360 systems

Thomson Video Network



In order to expand our regional footprint, we established Pharaon Trading Offshore to handle all projects in the Middle East. Our main objectives include:

  • Ensuring that our clients receive continuous, reasonably priced, and efficient support 24/7.
  • Focusing on the media and entertainment market, including broadcasters, network operators, and professional video markets.;
  • Providing an inclusive, efficient multi-format solution for content production, facility infrastructure, distribution, and transmission.
  • Serving a wide range of small- and large-scale clients, including a “who’s who” of various media/broadcast giants.
  • Utilizing the latest technologies and unmatched R&D capabilities to provide pioneering and integrated products and solutions for all types of turnkey projects.